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Betty H 6 years ago
I spent the whole day 7n bed with my son , he fucked me all day long , he's a good boy.
Bbr 6 years ago
Lived with my mom since I could remember. Even sleep in same bed. Bathed me until I moved out the house. Well around 13 or so I’m being washed and I got hard! I’ll never forget, she said wow hung like your father! Anyways she always said not to say anything to anyone! Night after night I got hard. I eventually told her I liked it to keep doing it! I was probably 14.
Bbr 6 years ago
Anyways she said it feels good huh? She said do it yourself. I’m on my knees in our big bathtub. I said ok I cam all over her tits neck and face! She said you did beautifully! Later in bed after she was asleep I was doing it again. She woke up and said if you ever tell anyone we would never see each other again! She grabbed it and started jerking me off!
Bbr 6 years ago
Anyways my mom was awesome in bed I was just a kid but I loved it! Over time she helped me get my own cock in my mouth! I’m 21 now and we are together but in another state! She’s fucken me with a dildo right now, only stopping for me to lick my ass taste off it!
Bbr 6 years ago
Eventually put in her mouth! My mom was fine by the way! I remember her putting my hand on her pussie! Then telling me make me cum by licking me! So I did she sat on my face and cam, saying taste me ! I came all over the place! She said her taste it! Licking it off her fingers! I said I like Eating my cum.
Ann 4 years ago
Don't know about my son but his friend for sure,
Betty H 6 years ago
Are you fucking crazy . thats the last thing we need is to be recognised . I don't give a fuck what you do or dont belive .
Fuck 2 years ago
Nothing wrong with fucking your real mom ;) I fuck my mom and sister all the time, she feeds me her pussy all the time and if I’m a good boy she will squirt all over my cock and in my mouth
Transporter 4 years ago
I want to fuck my mom pussy. Please any one can tell me how can i do that
robert 6 years ago
of course this is real mom and son. you know they cannot put it on the internet if it is not real.